Writing Python script for Gimp

Yesterday I needed to create a bunch of identical icons, but with different numbers. I still haven’t come up with a final design of the icons, but I needed something to put in my application. So I decided to create really simple template icon in Gimp (open-source image editor, aka Free Photoshop) and then just manually edit and create all the icons.

When I created 3 images, I realized that, if I will need to change the design of icons, I would have to manually create all the icons again (In total I need 29 icons, don’t ask me why). That’s a crappy work that requires some automation.
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Hello world!

Hello, my name is Roman Hwang, I am currently graduate student from Ukraine at Pai Chai University, Daejeon, Korea. You can also find and follow my other blog, if  you can read in Russian, roman-hwang.blogspot.com.

I’ve started this blog to share with others some technical stuff. I hope it will be interesting.